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Huatulco is known for its nine bays and 36 beaches, each with their own charm. The following list mentions the most popular ones to visit.
Santa Cruz Huatulco

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the bay that receives cruise ships and has a marina. Most boat excursions leave from here. It also has a beautiful, shady plaza and a handicraft market. This often-crowded beach has calm surf and is lined with restaurants. Locate
Chahue Huatulco


Chahue Bay is currently under development. This bay will eventually be home to several hotels, condominium complexes and a residential zone surrounding the existing yacht club. As of now, it has a health spa, two beach clubs, some restaurants, night clubs and a small strip mall. The surf can be very strong on this beach so swim with caution. Locate
Arrocito Huatulco


Arrocito beach is a small, pretty cove with very tranquil surf conditions and great snorkeling. It can be a little crowded with locals on the weekends. Locate
Tangolunda Huatulco


Tangolunda Bay is a large bay and home of the area’s five-star resorts and golf course. The beach can have large waves, so swim with caution. Locate
Santa Cruz Huatulco

Punta Arena

Punta Arena has a virgin, sandy beach with strong surf conditions. It is one of the three beaches located inside Conejos Bay. Be sure to bring your own food and beverages because there are no restaurants on this beach. Locate
Santa Cruz Huatulco

La Bocana

La Bocana is a long beach that is popular among surfers because of its large waves. It is easily distinguishable because the Copalita River meets the ocean here. There are a couple of seafood restaurants that overlook the beach. A condominium complex is currently under construction here. Locate
Santa Cruz Huatulco

La Entrega

La Entrega Beach is a beautiful, little cove nestled in the bay of Santa Cruz. It is ideal for snorkeling because of its coral bed and tranquil surf. It is a very popular beach and is lined with seafood restaurants. Locate
Santa Cruz Huatulco

Maguey Bay

Maguey Bay is a large bay partially lined with restaurants. It has a very pretty beach and at times, strong surf. You can snorkel among the rocks at both ends of this beach. Locate
Santa Cruz Huatulco

Organo Bay

Organo Bay is a beautiful, isolated beach that can be visited by boat. It is about a fifteen-minutes walk from the main road. It has mild surf and good snorkeling conditions. It has no restaurants so be sure to bring plety of water. Locate
Santa Cruz Huatulco

Cacaluta Bay

Cacaluta Bay is a virgin, heart-shaped bay that can be reached by boat or jet ski. It has a small island in front of the beach (hence the unusual heart-shape) that provides good snorkeling. Be sure to bring food and water because there are no restaurant facilities here. Locate
Santa Cruz Huatulco

Chachacual Bay

Chachacual Bay has an insolated, paradisiacal beach that is accessible only by boat. The mild surf conditions and coral beds make it ideal for snorkeling. A smaller beach known as La India is also found in this bay. You can hire boats to take you to this bay from the marina in Santa Cruz. Be sure to bring food and beverages because there is nobody on these beaches except Mother Nature. Locate
San Agustin Huatulco

San Agustín Bay

San Augustin is a beautiful bay that can be reached by car or boat. It is about 45 minutes from La Crucecita, but is well worth the drive because the snorkeling among the coral beds is wonderful. It is lined with seafood restaurants. Locate

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